Our pallet awarded “Package of the year 2021”!

In the demanding national competition Packaging of the Year, not only its qualitative properties were appreciated, but also its environmental friendliness, where this pallet has up to 77% less environmental impact compared to a conventional wooden pallet.

The Stabilplastik pallet is made from 100% waste PP/PE recyclate. With an emphasis on the circular economy and sustainable processing efficiency, Stabilplastik offers to take back broken or deteriorated pallets from its customers, thus not only getting rid of the waste, but also producing new pallets from the recyclate in a waste-free way. Recycling plastics in this way saves 10 to 26 times more energy. As part of sustainable management, the overall reduction of energy consumption in production is also addressed (30% of energy consumption is from the supply of our own photovoltaic panels).

  • High durability and resistance.
  • Eliminates repairs and the need to treat pallets = cost savings.
  • Up to 74% lower environmental impact than a wooden pallet (LCA certified).
  • Resistance to chemicals, weathering, insects, fungi, mould, moisture.
  • Hygienic and safe for health (HSE certification).
  • Possibility of marking with company logo, RFID etc. chips and thus “upgrading” the palette to smart solutions, e.g. including the use of IoT etc.