We turn plastic waste into new products

lower impact
on environment
0 %
lower carbon
0 x
kg plastic waste
per year
0 mil.

Zero-waste technology

Solar energy for production

Cooling by sewage water

Schéma výroby plastových palet Stabilplastik


Waste + solar energy = sources of our production

Longer lifespan

Save your costs and nature (5-10x higher savings compared to wooden pallets)

Health safety

Certified for indirect contact with food


Resitant to insects, common acids, humidity and fungi


Smart pallet, RFID, barcodes


Chytrá paleta Stabilplastik

Smart pallet – Industry 5.0

• trace location and turnover
• increase effectivity of logistics
• lower number of damages
• quick and simple stock inventory
• no requirements on your IT system
• speed up your logistics
• In-house HW + SW solution

About Stabilplastik

• 25+ years of experience
• Tens of millions kg of plastic waste saved from landfilling and incineration
• Hundreds of customers
• A family owned company
• Focused on customer’s needs
• More than 1 000 000 pallets sold
O firmě Stabilplastik